UPDATE: It Became obvious that there isn't a good source for information on this company, so I've put up a page with what I know. You can find it here: http://jontabor.tk/pacificstove

Stove by Pacific Stove & Range Co

The stove pictured here is produced by the Pacific Stove & Range Company of St Johns, Ore (now Portland, OR). I believe the stove was made around 1909 or 1910, as the company appears to have been idle from 1911 through 1913 due to a molders union strike. After 1913, I have thus far found no information. If you have any information about this stove or the company, please send an email to taborj [at] jontabor.dyndns.org

Update 7/21/11: Trolling through the St Johns Review newspaper archives at http://oregonnews.uoregon.edu, I came across the paper for Sept 22nd, 1911, with an advertisement for the Calef Bros. Home Furnishers store, featuring a very nice photograph of this exact stove. You can see it here. I've also reproduced the image here. This gives a good idea of what was nickel plated, and what was not.

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